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Reviews and Customer Comments

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The Reindeer

Flying Academy

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The Phantom

Carrot Snatcher

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Rudi's Birthday


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Vixen's Flying Workshop

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Scandal at The Reindeer Flying Academy

If you have any thoughts or comments about any of the Ronaldo books, or if you would like to add a review, please leave them here, we would love to hear from you.

Newspaper boy, reading the news from Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer kids books
Text - 'Read all about it' for newspaper boy

For up to date news and information on Ronaldo and his friends, check

out The Reindeer Express

Send your photos doing any of the

PLAY ZONE activities W.C. Blitsen will post them in her Gallery

Children having fun doing Ronlado: The Reindeer Flying Academy wordsearch


 Bono and The Edge walked into a bar

The barman said Oh, not U2 again!

What's your favourite joke?

Email Dasher and he will post your joke on his page

Dasher from the series of Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Children's books
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