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Ronaldo's Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Portrait of Ronaldo the flying reindeer, from the children's book series
AB Wordsearch 1 RFA.jpg
Search for 20 words from Ronaldo's first flying adventure. Pick up a coloured pencil and challenge your friends.
04 Maze.jpg
Level 2
Find your way through the maze and reach the cupcake.
Spot the Difference Scandal.jpg
Spot the Difference
Can you spot the differences in this scene from Ronaldo: Scandal at The Reindeer Flying Academy.

Meet Ronny

Ronaldo is the top flying cadet at The Reindeer Flying Academy. He is passionate about flying and isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve his goals. His flying hero is the legendary, Vixen Pederson. He desperately wants his flying licence so he can be just like him.


When he isn’t flying, Ronaldo loves sledging with best pal, Rudi. He also enjoys puzzles, Wordsearch, crosswords and cupcakes!

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

A broken pencil

A broken pencil who?

Oh, never mind – it’s pointless!

Yum Yum!

Anyone for delicious

banana ice cream?

Feeling Creative?

Grab your crayons and

colour some pictures.

Please reload

Check back each month for new challenges

Here is where the fun starts, you will find lots of Ronny's favourite puzzles, brain teasers, spot the difference, print off crosswords, mazes, and Wordsearch.


To print, the activities below follow these simple steps - 

  1. Click the image you want - this will give you an enlarged version
  2. Right click and save to your computer or device - remember the location
  3. Open the saved image
  4. Press ctrl +P - this will print the saved image
"Why not try a Wordsearch competition with your friends? Print them off, set the timer and see who finishes first. Good luck!"

Have you read the first chapter of Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher?

Spot the difference
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