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Dasher's Jokes & Magic Tricks

Portrait of Dasher from the Adventures of Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer books for children
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Meet Dasher

Dasher isn’t so bad on his own but, put him together with his two brothers, Comet and Prancer, and he becomes a menace.

He is a talented flyer but is so jealous of Ronaldo that he spends his time trying to sabotage Ronaldo’s progress rather than focusing on his own ability.

Dasher loves to throw snowballs, practice magic tricks and tell jokes.



"No two reindeer have the same antlers, just like no two humans have the same fingerprint"

Smiling picture of wolf cub Ernie from childrens book'Ronlado: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher
"Memorise these fun clean jokes, and have your friends and family in fits of laughter"


Jokes 2.jpg
Knock Knock Jokes 2.jpg

Magic Tricks

Healthy Ice Cream

Check out Ronny's

dad's secret recipe

Are you Creative?

Grab you crayons and colour

a picture from Rudi's collection


Will you be the fastest to

find the 20 words?

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