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Rudi's Colouring Page

Rudi (The Phantom Carrot Snatcher) Painting a carrot, from the kids book Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer

Rudi is Ronaldo’s loyal best friend. He is a happy-go-lucky character and a promising young flyer (Ronaldo better watch out!).


Rudi is very creative and loves to draw and paint. He is attracted to bright colours and often wears luminous leggings with bold patterns.

Introducing Rudi

"Keep your colouring inside the lines
and definitely no drawing on the walls...
I got in big trouble for that once!"

What pictures

from the books would

you like to colour?

Email Rudi your 


To print off any of the colouring pages below, follow these simple steps - 
  1. Click the image you want - this will give you an enlarged version
  2. Right click and save to your computer or device - remember the location
  3. Open the saved image
  4. Press ctrl +P - this will print the saved image
Rudi will be adding new pictures regularly, so come back soon

Rudi's Colouring Pages

Colouring Page SRFA 1.jpg
Have fun colouring in Rudi and Cupid in this scene from Ronaldo's latest book
Colouring Page PCS 2.jpg
Someone has stolen Ronaldo's carrots and he is not very happy about it!
Colouring Page PCS 3.jpg
Wing Commander Blitsen and Ronny watching Rudi from Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher

Challenge your Friends

Who can finish Ronaldo's brain

teasers the quickest?

Fun in the Kitchen

Learn how to make 

tasty cacao balls

How do monkeys make toast?
Stick some bread

under the gorilla!

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Send Wing Commander Blitsen a copy of your finished pictures, and she will post them in her
Art Gallery
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