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Dad's Cooking & Recipes

Illustration of Ronaldo's Dad from the Ronaldo children's book, he is dressed in his chefs hat and apron.
To print off any of the recipes
follow these simple steps - 
  1. Click the recipe you want (on the right) - this will give you an enlarged version
  2. Right click and save to your computer or device - remember the location
  3. Open the saved recipe
  4. Press ctrl +P - this will print the saved recipe

Meet Ronny's Dad

Ronaldo’s Dad loves football and cooking and once tried to combine his two passions by putting sweaty football socks in a fish stew.


He likes to put a twist on traditional recipes; his favourite concoction was mice and garlic carrot cake. (Ronaldo and his mum didn’t agree and were sick for two days!)


Dad is very messy and splatters ingredients all over the kitchen, for this reason, Ronaldo’s mum only allows him to cook for the family once a week.


He has mastered a few dishes and Ronny loves his homemade healthy banana ice cream.

"Ask a grown up to assist you whenever you are trying any of the recipes below ... and please remember to clean up after!"


Healthy Cacao Balls
Healthy Cocoa balls, made from raw cocao, nuts, dates and goji berries, a recipe from Ronaldo's Dad
Ronaldo's Dad from the Reindeer Flyinf Academy kids book recipe for easy Healthy Cacao Balls
Easy Banana Ice Cream
Healthy homemade humous, made with zucchini (corgette).
Ronaldo's Dad's recipe for Date Paste,
Healthy Date Paste
Printable colouring page, Wing Commander Blitzen chasing after Rudi
Ronaldo's Dad, from Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy kids books and his recipe for easy healthy Date Paste
Breakfast Vanilla
Chia Pudding
Printable colouring page, Ronnie looking like a christmas tree
Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer's dad's recipe for vanill chia pudding

Ronaldo's Maze

Weave your way through

and find the cupcake

Magic Tricks

Impress your friends with 

Dasher's clever tricks

Do you enjoy Painting?

Join Rudi for some 

creative fun

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"Bears and wolves are

a reindeer’s main predator. Large birds such as eagles and ravens can also be a threat, attacking young or sick reindeer."

Smiling picture of wolf cub Ernie from childrens book'Ronlado: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher



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