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 Ronaldo and his friends online


Check out our fun activity pages, a place for the for the kids to hang out, there is something for everyone so take a look around.

Puzzles and games
Drawing and Colouring
Pranks, jokes and tricks
Ronaldo loves puzzles. Check out his quizzes and brain teasers
Print off  Rudi's favourite pictures, and colour them with paints or crayons
Ronaldo's dad loves to be in the kitchen.
Why not try some of his best recipes?
Dasher shares some of his pranks and jokes
Ronaldo the Flying Reindeers best friend Rudi
Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer
Wing Commander Blitzen, Ronnies teacher and the reindeer Flying Academy
Ernie the wolf from The Phantom Carrot Snatcher
Ronaldos dad cookery and recipes
Dasher, Ronaldo the Flying Reindeers nemisis

Coming soon

Site under construction

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